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Grip type handheld terminal

Introducing the DT-X200 range of handheld terminals, which set a new performance standard born of the fusion of strength and speed.


Grip type handheld terminal

The DT-970 series is provides the ergonomic design based on human-centered design process and tougher performance for the harsh environments in the workplace.


Business support Tablet terminal

Slim & Stylish design combined with high performance and various features optimised for business use.


PDA type handheld terminal

Design, functions and performance all optimized for work. Everything is geared towards even greater “ease of use”.


PDA type handheld terminal

The IT-300 compact communication terminal accelerates communication in multiple business environments. The IT-300 changes the style of workforce communication and co-operation.


Handheld printer terminal

The IT-9000 series is an all-in-one handheld printer terminal which is ideally suited for operations that require printing on the spot.

IT-9000 Series
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Handheld Terminals