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STEP 1 Specify the functions you desire.

  • 120 steps check

    150 steps check

    200 steps check

    300 steps check

    Recheck function

    Localized number display

    Dual display

    Extra Large display

    Large display

    Super solar

    Key rollover

    Durable metal Faceplate


    Tax & exchange function

    Tax calculation

    Tilt Display

    Day/Date calculation

    Time calculation

  • Profit margin percent

    Regular percent



    Super command signs

    Function command signs

    Clock & Calendar

    Line printing

    2-color printing

    1.6 line-per-second printing

    2.0 line-per-second printing

    2.4 line-per-second printing

    3.5 line-per-second printing

    4.4 line-per-second printing

    4.8 line-per-second printing

    8.0 line-per-second printing

    Heavy-duty durable keys

STEP 2 Specify the digit number you desire.

digit number

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